Megapolis Cheats

Megapolis is a popular game for the mobile and online platforms. It can be played on the web and on different mobile devices. Produced by Social Quantum Ltd, this arcade game can run on Android, iOS, and a number of social media sites. Just like other games, it is one of those games that some players may not do well with. Hence, there are those who need to look for Megapolis cheats to advance to the higher stages of the game. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with trying to cheat as long as you understand that it may diminish the excitement and challenge of the game.

Megapolis Cheats

Game Overview

Before going to the cheats, here’s an overview of what the game is all about. Megapolis is dubbed as a “citybuilder game.” It is about developing a city through infrastructure designing and development. A player will be required to build airports, seaports, railway stations, oil and gas mining facilities, and power plants. The developments should make the city more attractive to its population. Occasionally, a player will have to win friends and be sociable with neighbors through gifts.

The Cheats

For Facebook Players

Using a hack tool is one of the most effective cheats to get through Megapolis more easily. One of these hack tools is the Megapolis Cheats Tool. Obviously, it’s not something released officially by the publishers of the game. If you are not willing to go through the risk of getting malware on your device, it would better not to resort to cheat tools like this one. However, if you are really desperate to get through the next stages, you can try this tool. You will need to run it as an administrator. The tool is quite intuitive so it shouldn’t be difficult using it. It provides a player more gold and megabuck.

A hack tool called Megapolis Online Generator can also be used. It is tested to work for players who use a more recent version of the Firefox browser. To use it, you just have to open the Megapolis game on Facebook and go to the hacking tool’s site to enter the Facebook ID and the amounts of coins and megabucks desired. Simply press the “Activate” button after entering the required details. No password is required—and should never be required. If you encounter a hacking tool similar to this that is asking for your Facebook password, you should stop and leave the site. It’s not worth risking your Facebook password for game coins and megabucks.

Another useful cheat to get more coins and megabucks is the use of a downloadable hack tool. One good option is the Megapolis Coins and Megabucks Generator available on this link. This hack tool has been tested so it is somewhat reliable. It is like a downloadable version of the Megapolis Online Generator mentioned above. Still, you have to be cautious in downloading such hack tools. The link featured here has been tested by other users so it’s quite safe. Just be sure not to fall for other similar tools advertised by some unscrupulous websites or blogs.

For Mobile Players

The “time trick” common in other mobile games also work in Megapolis. If you have set up stores and facilities with which you expect income over some period of time, you can trick the game’s system into believing that some period of time has already passed. You can do this by advancing your device’s (iPhone, iPad, or Android device) date. This works for almost every device in which Megapolis runs. However, it’s not applicable to the Facebook version of the game.

These are just some of the different ways to cheat your way to getting high scores with Metropolis. Bear in mind that they may not make you enjoy the best of your gaming with Metropolis so use them only as a last resort. Also, if you plan to download hacking tools, make sure that you are not downloading a malware. Ask for friends who have already tried such tools to avoid downloading viruses or harmful files just to cheat on a casual game.